Dielectric, Electrical and Conduction Mechanism Study of 0.6BiFeO3–0.4PbTiO3

  • Truptimayee Sahu
  • Banarji BeheraEmail author
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0.6BiFeO3–0.4PbTiO3 sample was prepared using conventional solid state reaction route. The X-ray diffraction confirmed the formation of the sample. The microstructure study was carried out using field emission scanning electron microscope. A good dielectric value was observed at room temperature. The impedance study showed the non-Debye type of behaviour and the Nyquist plot fit confirmed the contribution of both grain and grain boundary effect in the material. The ac conductivity obeyed Jonscher’s power law. The temperature variation of frequency exponent suggested that overlapping large polaron tunnelling model was appropriate to understand the conduction mechanism within the temperature range (250–350 °C). The temperature variation of ac conductivity followed Arrhenius equation.


Perovskite structure X-ray diffraction Complex impedance spectroscopy OLPT model 



One of the authors (Truptimayee Sahu) acknowledges financial support from a DST-INSPIRE Fellowship, New Delhi, India to carry out the research. This author also acknowledges financial support through DRS-1 from UGC (No. 530/17/DRS/2009), New Delhi, India under SAP and the FIST program of DST (No. SR/FST/PSI-179/2012), New Delhi, India for the development of research work at School of Physics, Sambalpur University, Odisha. The other author (B. Behera) acknowledges support from SERB under the DST Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists (Project No. SR/FTP/PS-036/2011), New Delhi, India.


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