Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Bi2O3 Added (Ba0.86Ca0.14)(Ti0.85Zr0.12Sn0.03)O3 Ceramics

  • Ju-Hyun YooEmail author
  • Sung-Jin Cho
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In this works, in order to develop the composition ceramics for a capacitor with the excellent dielectric properties, (Ba0.86Ca0.14) (Ti0.85Zr0.12Sn0.03) O3(abbreviated as BCTZ) ceramics were fabricated with the amount of Bi2O3. All specimens showed a typical perovskite structure. As the Bi2O3 addition was increased, secondary phase was found. When x = 0.006, the maximum value of εr = 6043 was shown at 0 °C. At the 0.003 mol Bi2O3, the most excellent dielectric and TCC properties were obtained. Namely, the dielectric constant (εr), the range of TCC from − 20 to 80 °C, Curie temperature were 5015, − 2 to + 48%, and 40 °C, respectively.


Capacitor Dielectric properties TCC Curie temperature 



This paper was partially supported by the 2016 National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Fund.


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