A comparison of deformation, microstructure, mechanical properties and formability of SUS436L stainless steel in tandem and reversible cold rolling processes

  • Wen-tao Wang
  • Jiao Zhang
  • Feng-li SuiEmail author
  • Zhi-xia Zhang
  • Hong-yun Bi
Original Paper


A comparison was made for the deformation, microstructure, mechanical properties and formability of SUS436L stainless steel in tandem and reversible cold rolling processes. At first, the thermophysical parameters and stress–strain curves of SUS436L steel were measured in temperature range of 293–573 K and a flow stress model was regressed from the data of these curves. An analytical model based on the elasto-plastic finite element method was then established to simulate the tandem and the reversible cold rolling processes of SUS436L stainless steel strip where the flow stress model was introduced. The difference in shear strain distribution, microstructure, mechanical properties and formability of SUS436L steel strip in the two rolling processes was analyzed. The results showed that the larger shear strain, the enhanced intensity of γ fiber texture and the excellent formability of the strip can be easily obtained in the tandem rolling process with the larger work roll rather than the reversible rolling process with the smaller work roll.


SUS436L stainless steel Cold rolling Finite element method Shear deformation γ fiber texture 



The authors are grateful for the joint financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Baowu Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Grant No. U1660205).


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  1. 1.School of Metallurgical EngineeringAnhui University of TechnologyMa’anshanChina
  2. 2.State Key Laboratory of Development and Application Technology of Automobile SteelsBaowu Steel Group Co., Ltd.ShanghaiChina

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