Solidification structure refinement of ferritic stainless steel based on heterogeneous nucleation technology

  • Xiao-fang ShiEmail author
  • Li-zhong ChangEmail author
  • Li Zhou
Original Paper


The ridging defect on the surface of stainless steel products is related to the solidification structure of ferritic stainless steel. Refining the solidification structure and increasing the proportion of equiaxed grains are necessary to lessen the ridging defect. Therefore, a new idea of using a heterogeneous nucleating agent which was composed of the composite core containing Ti was proposed, that is, a large amount of dispersed fine particles were initially formed on the solidification front, and a great amount of δ iron was then nucleated using these fine particles as the heterogeneous cores. Through analyzing the crystallographic relationship between different crystals and inducing the calculation formulas of disregistry, the disregistry between the different oxides and TiN and δ iron was explored and the type of nucleation core was determined. The key parameters of forming the composite core containing Ti were obtained through a thermodynamic calculation. The experimental results further confirm the correctness of the theoretical analysis.


Ferritic stainless steel Structure refinement Disregistry Heterogeneous nucleation Thermodynamics Solidification 



This study is financially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51504001 and 51574001).


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  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Metallurgical Emission Reduction and Resources Recycling (Anhui University of Technology)Ministry of EducationMa’anshanChina

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