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Sharp Bounds for the Signless Laplacian Spectral Radius of Uniform Hypergraphs

  • Jun HeEmail author
  • Yan-Min Liu
  • Jun-Kang Tian
  • Xiang-Hu Liu
Original Paper


Let \(\mathcal {H}\) be a k-uniform hypergraph on n vertices with degree sequence \(\Delta =d_1 \ge \cdots \ge d_n=\delta \). \(E_i\) denotes the set of edges of \(\mathcal {H}\) containing i. The average 2-degree of vertex i of \(\mathcal {H}\) is \(m_i = {\sum \nolimits _{\{ i,i_2 , \ldots i_k \} \in E_i } {d_{i_2 } \ldots d_{i_k } } } / d_i^{k - 1}\). In this paper, in terms of \(m_i\) and \(d_i\), we give some upper bounds and lower bounds for the spectral radius of the signless Laplacian tensor (\(Q(\mathcal {H})\)) of \(\mathcal {H}\). Some examples are given to show the tightness of these bounds.


Hypergraph Adjacency tensor Signless Laplacian tensor Spectral radius 

Mathematics Subject Classification

15A42 05C50 



Jun He is supported by the Science and Technology Foundation of Guizhou Province (Qian ke he Ji Chu [2016]1161); Guizhou Province Natural Science Foundation in China (Qian Jiao He KY [2016]255); the Doctoral Scientific Research Foundation of Zunyi Normal College (BS[2015]09); High-level Innovative Talents of Guizhou Province (Zun Ke He Ren Cai[2017]8). Yan-Min Liu is supported by National Science Foundations of China (71461027); Science and Technology Talent Training Object of Guizhou Province outstanding youth (Qian ke he ren zi [2015]06); Guizhou Province Natural Science Foundation in China (Qian Jiao He KY [2014]295); 2013, 2014 and 2015 Zunyi 15851 Talents Elite Project funding; Zhunyi Innovative Talent Team (Zunyi KH(2015)38); Innovative talent team in Guizhou Province (Qian Ke HE Pingtai Rencai[2016]5619). Tian is supported by Guizhou Province Natural Science Foundation in China (Qian Jiao He KY [2015]451); Science and Technology Foundation of Guizhou Province (Qian ke he J zi [2015]2147). Xiang-Hu Liu is supported by the Guizhou Province Department of Education fund (KY[2015]391, [2016]046); Guizhou Province Department of Education Teaching Reform Project [2015]337; Guizhou Province Science and Technology fund (Qian Ke He Ji Chu[2016]1160).


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  • Jun He
    • 1
    Email author
  • Yan-Min Liu
    • 1
  • Jun-Kang Tian
    • 1
  • Xiang-Hu Liu
    • 1
  1. 1.School of mathematicsZunyi Normal CollegeZunyiPeople’s Republic of China

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