In-office tooth whitening

  • Alessandra Reis
  • Luciana Mendonça da Silva
  • Leandro Martins
  • Alessandro LoguercioEmail author
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Peroxides have been used to whiten teeth for over 100 years and among all whitening therapies the oldest is in-office bleaching. In this article, we will present the summary of the step-by-step procedure and side effects of this bleaching. Some comments regarding the number of clinical appointments for teeth whitening, concentration of the bleaching products, the effects of dentin dehydration and demineralization on the final outcome as well as bleaching-induced tooth sensitivity are given. At the end, some references for further reading can be found.


In-office bleaching Step-by-step procedure Side effects Tooth sensitivity 

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  • Alessandra Reis
    • 1
  • Luciana Mendonça da Silva
    • 2
  • Leandro Martins
    • 2
  • Alessandro Loguercio
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    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Restorative DentistryState University of Ponta GrossaPonta GrossaBrazil
  2. 2.School of DentistryFederal University of AmazonasManausBrazil

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