Graphic illustration for mechanical reliability design (2): theory and method

  • Yimin ZhangEmail author


In this paper, the connotation and an extension of the mechanical reliability design theory and method are presented via charts and texts. The abstruse mechanical reliability theories and methods are illustrated intuitively and scientifically via easy-to-understand language and simple and clear illustrations. Topics such as mechanical strength design, mechanical reliability design, dynamic and gradual reliability design, reliability optimization design, reliability sensitivity design and reliability robust design are covered to help the readers understand the wonder and practicality of mechanical reliability engineering. Diagrams of reliability design, dynamic and gradual reliability theory and technology, reliability optimization design, reliability sensitivity design and reliability robust design are illustrated for the first time. Additionally, the relationship between mechanical product reliability design and conventional safety factor design is elaborated in a table. This paper provides a solid mechanical reliability engineering foundation for design, manufacturing, usage and evaluation of mechanical products.


Reliability design Illustration and text Theory and method 



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