Acceptance sampling plan for truncated life test having generalized Pareto distribution

  • Navyodh SinghEmail author
  • Navjeet Singh
  • Harpreet Kaur
Original Research


In this study, repetitive acceptance sampling plan for truncated life test is developed for that situations in which the lifetime of the product follows the generalized Pareto distribution. The parameters of the proposed plan such as sample size, acceptance numbers and probability of lot acceptance are determined when the producer’s risk, consumer’s risk and test termination time are specified. The mean lifetime of the test unit is taken as the quality parameter. Single acceptance plan is also developed for the given distribution and compared with the proposed plan in terms of the sample size required to make a decision. The proposed plan requires less sample size than the single acceptance plan. Numerical cases are presented to exemplify the applications of acceptance sampling plans.


Generalized Pareto distribution Repetitive acceptance plan Consumer’s risk Producer’s risk Acceptance quality level Limiting quality level 



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  1. 1.Sant Baba Bhag Singh UniversityJalandharIndia

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