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The performance evaluation of wideband rectangular patch antenna with elliptical slots for wireless communications

  • Shashi B. Rana
  • Monika Sharma
Original Research


The aim of this paper is to design a novel rectangular microstrip patch antenna for different wireless applications. Antenna design composed of elliptical slots and is fed by microstrip transmission line. Here the partial ground plane is adopted to increase the impedance bandwidth of proposed antenna in comparison to variation in the length of ground plane. The antenna consists of partial ground plane length 31 mm exhibits the bandwidth of 1440 and 2160 MHz ranging from 1.56 to 3.00 GHz and 6.37 to 8.53 GHz, respectively. Proposed antenna is fabricated and the measured results are in good agreement with the simulated results. From the results, the impedance bandwidth of proposed antenna covers bluetooth (2400–2484 MHz), WiMAX (2500–2700 MHz), WLAN (2400–2485 and 5150–5850 MHz), downlink for X-band satellite communication (7250–7760 MHz) and point to point high speed wireless communication (5925–8500 MHz). Moreover the proposed antenna exhibits near omnidirectional radiation pattern and a high value of gain within the operating frequency ranges.


Microstrip Patch Elliptical slots Impedance bandwidth Bluetooth WLAN WiMAX 


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  1. 1.Department of Electronics & Communication EngineeringGuru Nanak Dev UniversityGurdaspurIndia

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