Non-stability result of entropy solutions for nonlinear parabolic problems with singular measures

  • Mohammed AbdellaouiEmail author
  • Elhoussine Azroul


In this paper, we study the nonlinear parabolic equation given by
$$\begin{aligned} u_{t}-\text {div}(a(t,x,\nabla u))+|u|^{q-1}u=f+\lambda ,\quad \text { in }(0,T)\times \Omega , \end{aligned}$$
where \(1<p<N\), \(q>1\), \(f\in L^{1}(Q)\), \(\lambda \) is a measure concentrated on a set of zero parabolic r-capacity and \( u\mapsto -\text {div}(a(t,x,\nabla u))\) is a pseudo-monotone operator. We also consider the corresponding bilateral obstacle problem with measure data concentrated on a set of zero parabolic p-capacity whose model is
$$\begin{aligned} \langle u_{t}-\text {div}(a(t,x,\nabla u))-\lambda , v-u\rangle \ge 0, \end{aligned}$$
with \(u\in K=\lbrace w\in L^{p}(0,T;W^{1,p}_{0}(\Omega )): |w|\le 1\rbrace \) for every \(v\in K\). We define a notion of entropy solutions, we give convergence properties essential to our proofs and we establish a non-stability result.


Entropy solutions Non-stability Parabolic inequalities p-capacity Singular measures 

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35K86 37K45 32U20 32D20 



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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Laboratory LAMA, Faculty of Sciences Dhar El MahrazSidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of FezAtlas FezMorocco

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