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Editorial for Journal of Packaging Technology and Research

  • N. C. SahaEmail author

It gives me immense pleasure and great satisfaction that this journal has completed three consequtive years successfully. And now, I feel happy to present the third issue of third year of the publication of the Journal of Packaging Technology and Research (Volume 3, Number 3). Over the last 3 year journey, this journal has been able to create its position for high acceptance by the young researchers due to the publications of valuable original research papers in the field of packaging science and technology and the researchers in the relevant fields could find useful and informative. This has inspired the young scientists and researchers to pursue their research activities in this specialized field, i.e., Packaging.

The main aim of this Journal of Packaging Technology and Research (JPAC) is to publish the original high-quality research papers, review papers, case studies, and IPR (patent)-related notes on the innovations of packaging materials like paper and paper board, plastic films and flexible laminates, tin containers, aluminum containers, composite containers, plastic rigid materials like bottles, jerricans, etc., as primary packaging materials and secondary packaging materials like wooden containers, corrugated fiber board boxes, fiber drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBC), flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), etc., and also their applications for processed foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bulk drugs, chemicals, etc., either to enhance the shelf life of perishable goods or to improve upon the functional properties of unit as well bulk packages to avoid the seepage/spillage of products and the damages of packages during handling, storage, and transportation. Besides, the journal would also cover the different innovative packaging technologies like aseptic packaging, retort packaging, and smart and intelligent packaging for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and also the printing technologies like flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, and graphics to enhance the eye appealing of the packages and thus to increase the acceptance by the modern consumers. A special emphasis would also be given on sustainable packaging and the packaging needs of emerging economies.

Keeping in mind of this aim, the current issue of this journal would publish the research papers on different topics like combined effect of pretreatments and packaging materials on quality retention in dried cabbage (Brassica Oleraceae var. capitata L., optimization of extraction condition and characteristics of low methoxy pectin from wild plum, A comparative study of suitability of low-density polyethylene and co-extruded laminate pouches for storage stability and shelf life prediction of instant puran powder, innovative child resistant packaging for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms, combined effect of vacuum packaging and an active packaging based on whey protein on maintaining quality of pike-perch filets during refrigerated storage condition (4 °C), Effect of cold plasma on the firmness of olive fruit in packaging and atmospheric space, and a review paper on pro-biotic edible films and coatings: concerns, applications, and future prospects, etc. It is expected that this research papers in this journal will be highly useful for the researchers involved in basic as well as applied research in the field of packaging.

Under this background, I invite the researchers who are involved in the research on package design and development of innovative packaging materials and their applications for different goods to submit their research papers, review papers, and case studies for double blind international peer review. The peer-reviewed research paper will be made available for the benefit of researchers to submit online or to read papers published; please visit the journal webpage at

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