Consumer Perception of Opening Advices on Cookies and Chocolate Puffed Rice Packaging with Opening Tabs

  • Bakiye Kahriman
  • Myriam Braun-Münker
  • Felix EckerEmail author
Research Article


In this study consumer perception of opening advices on cookies and chocolate puffed rice packaging with opening tabs is being examined. While the examined packaging concept is well known to consumers, the opening mechanism differs from prior mechanisms in the application of opening tabs. These tabs serve the purpose of opening, portioning, and resealing the packaging. A well-perceived opening advice is essential for the correct use of the unfamiliar opening mechanism. Five different packagings were tested, each differing in their opening tabs’ arrangement, design and perceptibility. In determining effectiveness and efficiency of the opening process as well as the satisfaction with the opening process according to the specifications of CEN/TS 15945, the study’s purpose was to draw conclusions for consumer perception of the examined opening advices. Although nearly all participants were able to open the well-known packaging, 75% of them did not open them correctly. Those who opened the packaging correctly by pulling the opening tab, opened it faster and were more satisfied with the opening process.


CEN/TS 15945 Easy opening Consumer perception Opening advice Seniors Target group test Opening tab 



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  1. 1.Hochschule Fulda, Fachbereich LebensmitteltechnologieFuldaGermany

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