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CFRP Motorcycle Rear Swing Arm

  • Denny Schüppel
  • Tjark von Reden

In the MAI Hiras+Handle project, BMW and its partners have developed a process that can be used to process flexible thermoplastic semi-finished products into high-strength components. The partners demonstrate the development using a motorcycle rear swing arm.

Alternative to Aluminum Casting

The aim of the MAI Hiras+Handle research project was to develop an alternative design for a motorcycle rear swing arm to an already optimized cast aluminum swing arm based on fiber-reinforced plastics with unidirectional reinforcements offering comparable mechanical properties with identical weight. Due to the design of the motorcycle rear swing arm using fiber- reinforced plastics, it is possible to adapt all relevant parameters, such as bending, torsion and lateral stiffness, to the desired vehicle characteristics.

The focus was on using carbon fibers with established thermoplastic polymers in vehicle construction (for example polypropylene, polyamide, or similar) in the sense of affordable...

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  • Denny Schüppel
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  • Tjark von Reden
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  1. 1.MAI CarbonAugsburgGermany

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