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“Competition among materials will always spawn innovations”

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Arconic emerged from the Alcoa Group in 2016 and is now one of the key development service providers and manufacturers in the light metal field. In an interview, Achim Hofmann and Felix Sellmann explain the importance of additive manufacturing, why lightweight design pays off in commercial vehicles and what aerospace material is about to make the leap to automotive engineering. The introduction of the Audi spaceframe in 1994 was a great moment for aluminium. In reaction to this the steel industry developed steels with very high strengths. Composite materials are now increasingly coming onto the market. Will aluminium fall behind in the lightweight material mix of the future?

Hofmann: A few years ago, genuine competition did actually emerge, which we in the aluminum industry also encouraged — not least through the Audi project. This ongoing competition among materials is set to continue and set beyond doubt to keep spawning innovations again and again. Moreover, we...

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