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“No lightweight design without digitization”

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Interview Digital Development Chain

Optimum lightweight structures are created when processes in development and production are optimally coordinated. Thus, lightweight design plays a key role in the introduction of digital development chains, as Peter Middendorf from the University of Stuttgart and Wolfgang Seeliger from Leichtbau BW explain in an interview. Industry 4.0, digital process chain, digital twin. Mr. Middendorf, are you still up to date in this regard?

Middendorf: We actually have many acronyms: the digital twin, more recently also the digital shadow, Industry 4.0. Here, it’s always about knowing what happens in production and continuing to work with this data.

You now also involve digital prototypes in your research work.

Middendorf: Exactly. For the moment, it’s more on the development side and not so much on the production side. Of course, there are a lot of interfaces, though: For the digital prototypes, I work with classic design tools such as CAD and CAE. We’re expanding the whole...

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