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Hybrid lightweight design concept for the vehicle floor

  • Markus Sattel
Construction Sandwich Design

By presenting the Integrated Sandwich Floor, Röchling Automotive showcasesa vehicle floor concept featuring a hybrid design based on low weight reinforced thermoplastics. The structurally integrated load-bearing component allows weight and space savings and meets highest standards in terms of thermal management, rigidity and acoustics.

Lightweight and Safe Components

Reducing vehicle weight plays a key role in the development of future mobility concepts — regardless of the type of propulsion system used. For instance, it is essential to reduce overall weight in order to achieve the optimizations in terms of efficiency and emissions required by increasingly strict regulations for conventionally driven applications. At the same time, an increasing number of functions need to be integrated into the vehicle without impacting its weight — especially in the case of hybrid and electric applications, where overall weight is a determining factor for the driving range. Finally, safety must be...

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