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Quilted Stratum Process for High-performance CFRP Production

  • Lennart Wedhorn
  • Robert Ebeling
Production Technical Thermoplastics

By presenting the Quilted Stratum Process Pinette is showing up a new process for a high-volume fibre plastic production for the automotive industry. The new process can produce parts which are ready for assembly within 40 to 90 s. Also, it allows to produce parts with variable material thickness and various materials in one part. Additional functionality of the part will be realised by integration of overmoulding and the possibility to include metal inserts.

The Quilted Stratum Process (QSP) is an innovative approach for the design and production of high-performance thermoplastic composites and multi-material parts. The concept used achieves the goal of combining high performance, low cost and short cycle times. To reach these goals and to create a new process, the research and development was based on three main criteria:
  • ▸ full integrated process: from raw materials to net shaped part

  • ▸ priority on production performance: low costs and cycle times

  • ▸ getting a minimal waste rate by...


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  • Lennart Wedhorn
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  • Robert Ebeling
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  1. 1.Pinette Emidecau GmbHZernienGermany

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