Asha Kapur Mehta, Shashank Bhide, Anand Kumar and Amita Shah (eds): Poverty, chronic poverty and poverty dynamics—policy imperatives

Springer, Singapore, 2018; ISBN: 978-981-13-0676-1; 978-981-13-0677-8 (eBook)
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A great deal of literature exists in the area of poverty and growth and it is always a big challenge to write anything new on these issues. However, the editors—rather I will call them authors because most of the chapters are written by themselves—have not only taken up this challenge spiritedly but have also come up with an in-depth research with a wide range of important findings and their policy implications. The review of literature is concise and up-to-date and the issues covered in the analysis are immensely interesting. The value addition is enormously large and it leaves a sense of satisfaction at the end of reading the volume.

The volume starts with different measures of poverty (chapter 2) and it points out that India’s poverty trends and estimates pertain to an extreme situation. If poverty lines are raised instead of covering the subsistence level of consumption only, the percentage of poor will be much larger than the official estimates. Further, those who are above the...


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