Jayant Menon and T. N. Srinivasan (eds): INTEGRATING SOUTH AND EAST ASIA: Economics of Regional Cooperation and Development

Publisher: Asian Development Bank and Oxford University Press, Hong Kong; Year: 2018; Price: £46.99 / INR 1,295.00; ISBN: 9780199474127
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In 2012, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) contracted the Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and the Korean Institute of International Economic Policy (KIEP) to conduct a study focusing on (i) domestic and regional policy options for increasing trade and investments between South Asia and East Asia, and (ii) challenges facing South Asian countries and small economies, in particular, with a view to help them “catch up” with the bigger, more developed and more open East Asian economies. Apart from ICRIER and KIEP, ADB also drew upon ADB’s own experts on trade in this major task.

This volume based on the ADB-sponsored study consists of Introduction, authored by T. N. Srinivasan and Jayant Menon and ten chapters, classifiable into three broad sections. The first section of the book dealing with the theme, General Trends and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) contains three chapters. The second section, Harnessing Regional Integration for...


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