Understanding structure–property relation in nano-crystalline Ni–Ti shape memory alloy thin film micro-actuator

  • Geetha Priyadarshini BadhirappanEmail author
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The present investigations is based on annealing heat treatment of co-sputtered Ni–Ti thin films and its effect on structure, morphology, composition, phase formations, intermetallic precipitate formation, and nano-mechanical properties. Ni–Ti thins films were co-sputtered using individual targets and subsequently annealed in vacuum at different temperatures ranging from 400 to 700 °C. The influence of annealing temperature on transformation temperatures and hardness is discussed. Efforts are made to understand the influence of heat treatment temperature on the novel characteristics of Ni–Ti shape memory alloy thin films for their prospective deployment in MEMS-based microactuators.


Nanoindentation Ni–Ti Shape memory alloy Micro-actuators 



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