Recent progress in Asia-Pacific solar physics and astrophysics

Summary of the Solar/Astron session
  • P. F. ChenEmail author
  • K. Shibata
  • R. Matsumoto
Review Paper


More than 40 participants from the solar/astrophysical community attended the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics. Among them, four colleagues presented invited talks in the plenary session. In the Solar/Astron session, there were 23 invited talks and 14 contributed talks, with another two posters. These talks cover recent progress obtained in a wide spectrum of topics, including solar and galactic dynamo, solar and stellar flares, solar and galactic filaments, solar and astrophysical jets, solar and accretion disk winds, plasma waves and coronal heating, solar coronal mass ejections, magnetic reconnection in non-relativistic and relativistic regimes, star and planetary formation, shock–medium interactions, and even gravitational waves. Laboratory laser experiments and some new rocket and space missions were also introduced.


Solar physics Astrophysics Laboratory experiments 



The authors are grateful to Prof. M. Kikuchi for the invitation to write this summary paper, and to the referees for their detailed suggestions. PFC was supported by the Chinese foundations (NSFC 11533005 and BRA2017359).


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