Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe: ENTRE DIOS Y EL CESAR: EL IMPACTO POLITICO DE LOS EVANGELICOS EN EL PERU Y EN AMERICA LATINA (Between God and Cesar: the Political Impact of Evangelicals in Peru and Latin America)

Lima: Instituto de Estudios Social Peruanos, 2017, (ISBN 978-9972-2639-7-2). 240 pages. Available online in
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Until the 1990s, Evangelicals in Peru and Latin America usually behaved in a particular way that contributed to their characterization as “nice people” who could be trusted by any community. The stereotype was as follows: normal people that had a sharp transformation into highly spiritual people, with no interest in “worldly matters” that would include politics. However, this view changed when some of them delved into politics, sometimes with regrettable results. The meteoric growth of Evangelicals in Latin America is an obvious fact; their power to participate in politics is also clear in many countries. This book explains how and why Evangelicals are participating in politics in Latin America.

The author, Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe, is a Peruvian politician and a Catholic theologian who has credentials as a sociologist. He is not just an academic; he was involved in Peruvian politics and has seen in firsthand how Evangelicals ventured into politics. It would be possible to suspect a...


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