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In demand worldwide: Clean air

  • Dieter Schreckenberger
75 years of MANN+HUMMEL Filter Media

From simple filter to high-tech element. Originally a filter’s job was simply to extract certain particles from the air, nowadays the requirements are a great deal higher. Filters, which are increasingly developed using computer simulations, even have an anti-bacterial and anti-allergen effect, while at the same time adhering to the ever more complex specifications of the OEMs.

In 1985, there were already more than 30 million vehicles on the roads of Germany, which contributed, among other factors, to increased air pollution. Studies conducted on a heavily trafficked inner-city street showed that the air over the road was three to six times, and in extreme situations five to ten times, more polluted with particles and harmful gases than that at the edge of the street. This mixture made its way into the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation system, and could, in the worst case, become even more concentrated here and thus cause difficulties for the occupants through both...


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