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Girl power

  • Fabian Hoberg
75 years of MANN+HUMMEL Reportage

In the largest and most innovative filter factory in the world, the men are just the assistants. Among the approximately 3,000 employees, it is the women who set the pace and do the heavy lifting. At peak times, MANN+HUMMEL produces 650,000 filters per day at the Marklkofen location.

Annette sounds angry. With full force, she stamps down. And snorts, hisses, hammers. Metal clanks, the ground shakes. Annette’s not in a bad mood though. On the contrary: she is just a very hard-working employee with a can-do attitude. Not one made of flesh and bones, however, but of metal instead. Weighing in at 450 tons, this press compresses steel to a thickness of up six millimeters and throws the shaped, raw lid out again at one-second intervals. Between 100 and 300 parts a minute, depending on the lid size. 24 hours a day.

What industrial company has names for its presses? In its plant in Marklkofen, MANN+HUMMEL, the world market leader in the filtration business, has given all eleven presses women’s...


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