Perturbations of discrete spectra of holomorphic operator-valued functions

  • Rafikul AlamEmail author
  • Jibrail Ali
S.I.: ICWAA-2018


Let X be a complex Banach space and L(X) be the Banach space of all bounded linear operators on X. Let \(\Omega \subset {{\mathbb {C}}}\) be open and connected. Let \(T, V : \Omega \longrightarrow L(X)\) be holomorphic operator-valued functions. We consider the one parameter family of operator-valued functions \(W(\lambda , t) := T(\lambda ) + t V(\lambda )\), for \(t \in {{\mathbb {C}}}\), and analyze evolution of the discrete eigenvalues of \(W(\lambda , t)\) when t varies in \({{\mathbb {C}}}.\) We provide a brief review of the discrete spectrum of \(T(\lambda )\) and present several equivalent characterizations for discrete eigenvalues of \(T(\lambda ).\) We also prove Rouche’s theorem for operator-valued functions under a weaker assumption, which we utilize to derive perturbation bounds for the discrete eigenvalues of \(W(\lambda , t)\) when |t| is small.


Banach space Fredholm operator Operator-valued function Spectrum Discrete spectrum Discrete eigenvalues Linearization 

Mathematics Subject Classifications

47A75 47A55 47A10 47A53 


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