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The unintended international consequences of Donald J. Trump

  • Richard GowanEmail author

Donald J. Trump presents himself as an anti-systemic politician, both at home and abroad. He won office in 2016 promising to “drain the swamp” of Washington politics and cut back the federal government. Looking beyond the United States, he railed against the structures of the post-war global order, highlighting the costs and failures of NATO and the United Nations. Since taking office, the president and his advisers have periodically updated this rhetoric, denying the existence of an “international community” and proclaiming their commitment to U.S. sovereignty.

Political analysts divide over how much harm Trump has done to the American system to date. The courts and government bureaucracy have done their best to constrain the president. He has failed to push large parts of his agenda, such as the repeal of Obamacare, through the Republican-controlled Congress. The president has proved rather more willing to cooperate with members of “the Swamp” on issues like tax cuts than he had...


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