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Siko | Bowden Cable Sensor for Measuring Lengths up to 6 m

Siko's Bowden cable sensor SG61 for measuring lengths up to 6 m offers an installation depth of 70 × 85 × 105 mm. The robust aluminum housing in combination with impact-resistant plastic withstands even the most adverse operating conditions. Factors such as temperatures from -40 to +80 °C, high shock and vibration loads as well as dirt, dust and water do not restrict the wire- actuated sensor. For outdoor applications in the low temperature range, there would also be a variant with integrated water drain holes. This prevents the freezing of water at sub-zero temperatures and increases the service life. The cable sensor is available with both incremental interfaces such as HTL or TTL and absolute interfaces such as analog, SSI, CANopen, SEA J1939, CANopen Safety or Ethernet.

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