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Portable Emissions Measurement for Non-road Applications

  • Christian Heun

Discussions about protecting and maintaining air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are currently ubiquitous. In-service monitoring has recently become mandatory for non-road mobile machinery. In this article, Horiba describes solutions for such portable non-road mobile machinery tests.

RDE for Non-road Applications

The emission standards of the European Commission currently apply for light-duty vehicles (passenger cars, vans), heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, buses) and for mobile machinery and equipment. There are some fundamental differences among the legal requirements that many manufacturers of Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and equipment do not necessarily know about. Among other items, the In-service Monitoring (ISM) requirement is new. This refers to the measurement of gaseous exhaust emissions in real operating conditions. The method of measurement, conducted through spot-check monitoring of the engine, is inspired by the principle of monitoring emissions in practical...

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