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Fuel-efficient Tapered Roller Bearings for Axles in Off-road Vehicles

  • Jean Merckling

The objective of a research project with various project partners was to reduce friction losses in the axle of off-road vehicles by 50 %. Using newly developed fuel-efficient tapered roller bearings from Timken as part of a package for the efficient axle design, this goal was not only met, but exceeded.

Minimizing Friction Losses

In order to increase the efficiency of off-road vehicle axles, their friction loss must be reduced. As part of a research project, a heavy-duty truck axle was tested on a test rig for efficiency across the operating speed and torque range. A project partner then set out to redesign the axle to improve the efficiency. Timken developed and tested fuel-saving tapered roller bearings of the type FE (Fuel-efficient) for this axle.

Bearing power loss calculations were performed with a specific duty cycle provided by the customer in order to understand which bearing causes the biggest losses in the system. Calculations were performed by means of Timken's proprietary...

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