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Power Relays for all Commercial Vehicle Applications

  • Philipp Teepe
  • Bernd Rösch

The application range of power relays in utility vehicles is versatile. Design engineers of vehicle systems face the challenge of finding the right relay out of a great number of different technologies and sources. The goal is to take both technical requirements and economic aspects equally into account. E-T-A shows the different technical solutions, characteristics and use cases.

Electro-mechanical Power Relays

Electro-mechanical relays offer a well-proven technical solution with many advantages. They are generally very reliable and are able, for instance, to handle high overloads when used as a battery master switch during the starting operation. They consume no energy when unpowered and are mostly more cost-effective than Solid State power Relays (SSRs, also called electronic or semi-conductor relays). A high insulation resistance through galvanic isolation and low sensitivity to overvoltage are further advantages of electro-mechanical relays.

As a consequence of their design,...

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  • Philipp Teepe
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  • Bernd Rösch
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