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Optimizing the Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment of Future Agricultural Machinery

  • Manuel Presti

Tighter emission legislation is also expected for non-road vehicles such as tractors. To meet stringent limits such as the CARB Step 2 proposal for on-road vehicles, which is currently being discussed, there is a clear emphasis on a faster heating-up of the exhaust gas system. For that purpose, Vitesco Technologies is developing and industrializing modular and scalable aftertreatment components, one of which is already going into production in a farm tractor.

Expected NOx Limits and Technical Options

By now non-road vehicles (Non-road Mobile Machinery, NRMM) have also come under scrutiny for their exhaust gas aftertreatment. Experience tells that this vehicle class typically follows the commercial vehicle trend with only a short delay. The main challenge is the expected more stringent nitrogen oxide (NO x) emission limit. The CARB Step 2 suggestion of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) includes a tightening of the NO xemission of commercial vehicles for the model years 2024 to...

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