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“An electrified powertrain in particular also requires a transmission”

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Electrification is changing our understanding of the system architecture of a powertrain in mobile machines. Its success depends on intelligent, highly integrated electromechanical systems, as Gerhard Stempfer explains in our interview. He is Head of Electrification Technology at ZF in Passau and considers the transmission to be a key component of an advanced, electrified powertrain. Only with a transmission will it be possible to efficiently implement autonomous functions.

ATZoffhighway _ Gerhard Stempfer, at the entrance to the building here in Passau there is a sign that says “Intelligent Mechanical Systems”. But that does not refer to the gear wheel, does it?

Stempfer _ No. A gear wheel alone is far from being a mechanical system. But it is and remains the basis for every drivetrain. As does the transmission. Regardless of how this will be designed in the future. Even fully electric vehicles will still rely on gear wheels.

But nevertheless, the powertrain system is changing with...

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