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Hydraulic Drive Axle for Agricultural Trailers

  • Peter Lindner
Cover Story Powertrain

On soft, loose soils or when operating on banks or hillsides, agricultural or forestry vehicles often reach their limits. In order to facilitate vehicle start-ups on such surfaces and to prevent getting stuck, BPW has developed the hydraulic drive axle Agro Drive for trailers. The additional drive ensures enhanced performance on difficult terrain.


Given the crucial importance of traction in the farming environment, efficiency is key. Modern tractors are already very well equipped to cope with the longitudinal dynamic forces that arise in the field. Most have all-wheel drive and large rims with sophisticated off-road tires, and generate high power output at the wheels. In extreme conditions, however, typically on soft ground and steep gradients, even the most powerful tractors are sometimes unable to deliver sufficient tractive force — especially in view of the trend towards increasing towed loads. The tractor’s drive axles often lack the downward force required to transfer...

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