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Smart Assistance Systems for Terrain and Object Recognition

  • Eva Neumann
  • Kevin Hirsch
  • Uwe Westermeier
Development Assistance Systems

Electronic assistance systems are standard equipment for road vehicles these days, but require modification when being used in mobile machinery. This is because assistance systems for road vehicles can rely on level and organized surroundings, mobile machinery such as earth-moving machines, however, often operate in uneven and rough terrain. In response, ITK Engineering has developed a smart, camera-based assistance system with technology and algorithms that can be integrated into the next generation of mobile machines.

Safety Requirements for Mobile Machinery

As on the roads, most of the accidents involving mobile machines can be attributed to human error. Limited visibility is the primary cause of fatal collisions and has prompted an overhaul in the visibility requirements for earth- moving machines in the ISO 5006 and EN 474-1. In future, machine operators must have an adequate view of the entire machine danger zone — including people kneeling directly alongside the machine [1]. To...


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  • Eva Neumann
    • 1
  • Kevin Hirsch
    • 1
  • Uwe Westermeier
    • 1
  1. 1.ITK Engineering GmbHLollarGermany

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