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Michelin | New Tyre Concept for Agricultural Applications

The high-powered tractor fleets of farm and construction contractors spend more than 50 % of their time on roads and asphalted surfaces. During this time, they cover 80 % of their total distance travelled, often coupled with heavy trailers. According to the company, the Michelin Roadbib is the first tyre for tractors with power outputs of more than 147 kW that has been specially developed for use by contractors. The new tread design of the tyres ensures a long tyre life and good traction on the road while also working reliably on soft soil in the field. For the first time, Michelin has developed an agricultural tyre that is not “lugged” in the traditional sense. 52 tread blocks provide a high level of traction. Coupled with a central spine, this allows 40 % of the tyre’s contact area to remain in direct contact with the road surface. That is a 60 % increase over a typical lugged agricultural tyre, as was shown by a test with a...

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