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“In the off-road sector, the diesel engine is not being called into question”

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Increasingly strict and also diverging worldwide emissions standards are setting greater and greater challenges for developers and engine manufacturers. MAN Engines considers itself to be in a very good position to address these challenges due to intelligent variant management based on interdisciplinary technologies with modular exhaust aftertreatment and dataset management in the electronic control unit (EDC), according to Jürgen Haberland, Head of Business Development for North and South America at MAN Engines.

ATZoffhighway _ Jürgen Haberland, last year you accepted the award for “Diesel of the Year 2016”. At that time, the diesel engine world still seemed to be in order. How does the current critical debate regarding this engine affect your everyday business?

Haberland_ Of course we are aware of this discussion. Everyone who is active in engine technology is confronted with it. For some years now, a tightening of the limits for particle mass and particle numbers in EU Stage V,...

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