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15.3 l diesel engine for off-road applications — derived from truck

  • Falko Arnold
  • Jürgen Haberland
  • Thomas Stamm
Development Engines

Especially in the off-road segment with its small number of machines, a cost-efficient development is imperative. For this reason, solutions from the on-road sector are often transferred to mobile machines. With the D3876, MAN has developed an in-line six-cylinder engine for heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural applications and construction machines. While the basic powertrain and the injection equipment are identical for both application areas, the on-road and off-road versions differ in their concepts for turbocharging, combustion and electronics as well as the attachments and the exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Differences between On- and Off-road

The D3876 was presented as a completely new and standalone engine series from MAN in 2014. This 15.26 l in-line six-cylinder engine has replaced the previous D2868 16.2 l V8 engine in the commercial vehicles sector and will also gradually replace the V8 engine in off-road applications with the introduction of the new emissions categories....



Special thanks to our colleagues Armin Berner, Ulrich Boehme, Heidrun Klinger, Christian Clemens, Florian Kraft, Thomas Leitel, Norbert Schatz and Dr. Ulrich Wiebicke for their support.


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  • Falko Arnold
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  • Jürgen Haberland
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  • Thomas Stamm
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