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Adaptive mild hybrid powertrain for four-wheel driven tractors

  • Thomas Woopen
Cover Story Powertrain

In modern tractors, factors such as driving comfort, operating costs and safety play an important role for tractors with a rigid connection between the front and rear axles. These requirements are difficult to achieve with all-wheel drive tractors with a rigid connection between the front and rear axles. At John Deere, therefore, the use of an adaptive front-wheel drive was investigated. With his help a variable flow control between the driven axles can be achieved. This increases the performance of the vehicle in cornering by uncouple the mechanical connection between the front and rear axle. In addition, the usual hybrid functions can be realised to increase the overall performance of the vehicle.


All-wheel drives in agricultural machines are typically realised by direct mechanical connections between rear axle and front axle. With this design, the distribution of driving power between the axles depends on longitudinal slip and vertical loads on the vehicles axles. While...


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  • Thomas Woopen
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  1. 1.John Deere GmbH & Co. KGMannheimGermany
  2. 2.AVL Tractor Engineering Germany GmbHNeussGermany

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