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S. Dinham, R.Tytler, D. Corrigan and D. Hoxley (editors): reconceptualising maths and science teaching and learning

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Mathematics and science teaching and teacher education has experienced increased scrutiny over recent years. Challenges within the sector concerned the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), who in 2013 offered funding for projects to address certain challenges. Four projects, including ReMSTEP, were successful in securing grant funding.

Reconceptualising Maths and Science Teaching and Learning is a well-researched and timely publication reporting on the project Reconceptualising Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Programs (ReMSTEP). The book provides insight into the mathematics and science education sector and the role ReMSTEP has played in securing positive change for stakeholders. It is presented in three parts:
  • Part A – Issues of mathematics and science teaching and teacher education: Background to ReMSTEP

  • Part B – ReMSTEP: The innovations

  • Part C – Findings and implications of the project

This book commences by providing a background on the current state of mathematics and...


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