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Asia literacy in a global world. An Australian perspective. Hannah Soong & Nayia Cominos, editors (2018) 184 pages

Education in the Asia Pacific region: Issues, concerns and prospects, volume 45. Springer
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Asia Literacy in a Global World. An Australian Perspective sets out a compelling case of why we need to improve young Australians’ capacity to engage more explicitly with our Asian neighbours. In their introduction to this book, Editors Hannah Soong and Nayia Cominos, point to the fact that ‘11 of Australia’s top 15 export markets are in the Asian region … 28 percent of Australia’s population is now born overseas with people born in Asia accounting for 10 percent of the total population. Chinese have already replaced the British as the largest overseas-born group in Sydney and it is predicted that Indians will become the largest migrant community in Melbourne by the end of the next decade’. But despite our increased cultural and linguistic diversity, Soong argues that ‘Australia is still significantly informed by its predominantly European political and cultural heritage, institutions, and laws, and persistent English monolingualism’.

The Gillard Government’s 2012 White Paper on Austral...


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