Correction to: Curriculum, culture, and Catholic education: a Queensland perspective

  • Jim GleesonEmail author
  • Maureen O’Neill

Correction to: Curriculum Perspectives

We wish to draw your attention to the following error in the above paper. Please note that the descriptive and interview findings reported in the paper remain unchanged.

The error arose at the regression analysis stage. In the associated data file, those participants who indicated that they had no religion (n = 75) were coded 99 on the religiosity variable RELGIMP (How important is your religion to the way you live your life?). This missing value code was then read as a valid score in the regression analysis with the result that the RELGIMP scores were inaccurate. The results of this regression were reported in our submitted article.

By the time we realised our error, the paper had been published online. We immediately informed the Editor. We also re-ran the regression with 99 as a missing value, thus removing the distorting effect of assigning scores on RELGIMP to those with no religion.

The net effect of these revisions is that RELGIMP emerged as one of strongest and most consistent predictors of the perceived importance of integrating Catholic perspectives across the curriculum and of the reported practice of such integration, even when school-related Set 6 variables were included in the regression. Other consistently strong predictors of these outputs, all of which were reported in the original paper, included self-rated knowledge of Catholic teaching (KNOWTOT), both PRACTICES and PEOPLE characteristics of Catholic schools, the perceived importance of the identity of Catholic schools (CATIDIMP) and COMIT (working in a Catholic school because of faith commitment). It should also be noted that having added professional responsibilities (APPOINT) is no longer statistically significant.

The implications for the discussion section of the published paper are quite minor.

The revised version of this paper is available on the Identity and Curriculum project website at

Please accept our sincere apologies for this error and for any inconvenience caused.

Gleeson, J., O’Neill, M. (2017). Curriculum, culture, and Catholic education: a Queensland perspective. Curriculum Perspectives, 37, 121-133. 10.1007/s41297-017-0018-6.

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