First Record of Sexual Structures in Pterosiphonia Parasitica (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Iberian Peninsula

  • V. García-RedondoEmail author
  • I. Bárbara
  • P. Díaz-Tapia


Pterosiphonia parasitica is a species of the family Rhodomelaceae that inhabits in the lower intertidal and subtidal of the Atlantic Iberian Peninsula. The first observation of spermatangial branches, procarps and cystocarps in the Iberian Peninsula is reported in this paper.


Life history Reproductive morphology Sexual reproduction Iberian Peninsula Pterosiphonia parasitica Rhodomelaceae 



PDT acknowledges support by the postdoctoral programmes Axudas de apoio á etapa inicial de formación posdoutoral do Plan I2C (Xunta de Galicia).


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  • V. García-Redondo
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    Email author
  • I. Bárbara
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  • P. Díaz-Tapia
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  1. 1.BioCost Research Group, Facultad de CienciasUniversidad de A CoruñaA CoruñaSpain

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