Creating spatial database of the foundation soil in Aljouf area using GIS

  • Mahmoud Samir El-KadyEmail author
  • Mohamed Abdalla ElMesmary
Short Communication


The area of Aljouf, KSA, is a promising area. Many huge structures are going to be built in this area due to spreading of urbanism and increasing of population. A survey study is performed to constitute database for the soil and the types of rocks in Aljouf area in general and Sakaka town in particular. The information or the data needed are collected from many of soil reports for different projects distributed in the region of Aljouf. Also, some borings are executed to investigate the soil and rock properties in the region. The data from the soil reports and the borings are arranged and summarized to form a database for the foundation soil and the types of rocks in the Aljouf area. The engineering properties for the foundation soil and the rocks in the area of Aljouf can be a reference to all engineers in the field of civil engineering. The data collected are analyzed statistically to get the typical foundation soil properties in the studied area. Also, the data are interpolated using GIS to produce guide maps for the different properties of the foundation soil and rocks in the region.


Borings Topography GIS Bearing capacity Maps Interpolation 


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  1. 1.Structural Engineering Department, Faculty of EngineeringZagazig UniversityZagazigEgypt
  2. 2.Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of EngineeringKafr Elsheikh UniversityKafr El SheikhEgypt
  3. 3.Civil Engineering DepartmentJouf UniversitySakakahKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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