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Catalytic Strategies Towards Lignin-Derived Chemicals

  • S. Van den Bosch
  • S.-F. Koelewijn
  • T. Renders
  • G. Van den Bossche
  • T. Vangeel
  • W. Schutyser
  • B. F. Sels
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  1. Lignin Chemistry


Lignin valorization represents a crucial, yet underexploited component in current lignocellulosic biorefineries. An alluring opportunity is the selective depolymerization of lignin towards chemicals. Although challenged by lignin’s recalcitrant nature, several successful (catalytic) strategies have emerged. This review provides an overview of different approaches to cope with detrimental lignin structural alterations at an early stage of the biorefinery process, thus enabling effective routes towards lignin-derived chemicals. A first general strategy is to isolate lignin with a better preserved native-like structure and therefore an increased amenability towards depolymerization in a subsequent step. Both mild process conditions as well as active stabilization methods will be discussed. An alternative is the simultaneous depolymerization-stabilization of native lignin towards stable lignin monomers. This approach requires a fast and efficient stabilization of reactive lignin intermediates in order to minimize lignin repolymerization and maximize the envisioned production of chemicals. Finally, the obtained lignin-derived compounds can serve as a platform towards a broad range of bio-based products. Their implementation will improve the sustainability of the chemical industry, but equally important will generate opportunities towards product innovations based on unique biobased chemical structures.


Biorefinery Lignin Lignocellulose Catalysis Biobased chemicals 



This work was performed in the framework of SBO projects ARBOREF & BIOWOOD, EOS project BIOFACT, and Interreg project BIO-HArT. S.V.d.B., T.R., T.V., and W.S. acknowledge the Research Foundation—Flanders (FWO Vlaanderen) for a (post)doctoral fellowship. S.-F.K. acknowledges funding through IWT-SBO project ARBOREF. G.V.d.B acknowledges funding through FISCH-ICON project MAIA.


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