Food Ethics

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Sue Booth and John Coveney: Food Democracy: from Consumer to Food Citizen. (SpringerBriefs in Public Health)

Springer, 2015, ISBN 978-981-287-423-8
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Book Review

Short and thought-provoking are the two first words that come to mind upon reading Food Democracy: from consumer to food citizen. This 57-page book manages to present the main issues of current mainstream food systems, frame an answer to these issues through the concept of food democracy, and show its application at the level of the household and the community. Altogether, this book sketches lines of reflection and action for going from being a consumer to being a food citizen.

Sue Booth and John Coveney, the authors, are both scholars in public health and nutrition with a strong focus on food policy and community nutrition with extensive experience in community engagement and education. This is reflected in the manner they present their actionable account of food democracy in the Australian context. Despite its brevity, the book is dense in concepts and refers to diverse literature, thereby serving as a useful starting point for anyone curious to read more about food democracy. To...


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