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Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa, Maria Christina Cacciamali and Gerry Rodgers (Eds.): Growth and Inequality: The Contrasting Trajectories of India and Brazil

Institute for Human Development and Cambridge University Press, Delhi, New York, 2017, xxi + 349 pp, Price INR 695
  • Praveen Jha
Book Review

India and Brazil, as the third and seventh largest economies (calculated in purchasing power parity terms) and accounting for approximately 10 percentage of the global GDP, are among a handful of middle-income countries which are generally acknowledged as important participants in the world economic system. The economic differences between these two countries are many and well known, but the authors of the book titled “Growth and Inequality: The Contrasting Trajectories of India and Brazil” hope that a comparison of these two can throw some interesting insights and better understanding of the underlying processes and outcomes. The point of departure for the book is the recent backdrop of rising inequality almost everywhere in the world, which has generated a substantial research and academic literature into the nature and sources of this problem. In fact, the book under review is an outcome of a collaborative research project between the Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning, Sao...

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  1. 1.Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social SciencesJawaharlal Nehru UniversityNew DelhiIndia

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