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The happy and anxious lives of (feminist) legal scholarship: an interview with Prabha Kotiswaran

  • Oishik SircarEmail author


This interview with Prabha Kotiswaran, Professor of Law and Social Justice at King’s College, London focuses, among others, on the many dimensions of postcolonial feminist legal education and scholarship; her own scholarly journey across three continents; insights into the gendered nature of academic labor; the lived dimensions of her feminism, the limitations and possibilities of emerging forms of feminisms in the wake of #MeToo; on her own scholarship on sex work; the misreading of governance feminism; the tradition of materialist feminism; her current project on law and social reproduction; and the imperative for strengthening solidarity between the women’s and labor movements in India.


Feminist Legal Theory South Asian feminisms Women’s Studies Legal Education Academic Labor Sex Work Trafficking Governance Feminism Materialist Feminism Social Reproduction Interview 



I thank the issue editors, particularly my colleague Albeena Shakil, for responding positively to the idea of carrying an interview. I couldn’t have completed this interview without the excellent research assistance and prompt transcription of the audio recording by my students Ishani Mookerjee and Shivam Kataria. And of course, thanks to Prabha Kotiswaran for agreeing to this conversation.

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