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For “…those who…lost their Utopias…but…still rebel…”: taking up Upendra Baxi’s Bequixotements in Times of Crisis

  • Adil Hasan Khan


This article offers a biography of Professor Upendra Baxi, as a Southern international lawyer, so as to draw from his conduct a training in how international lawyers could authorize other worlds (and their international laws) amidst these times of crisis.


International legal histories Upendra Baxi Authorization Crisis Third World 



I would like to acknowledge the tremendous debt this article owes to Sundhya Pahuja, Shaun McVeigh, Peter Rush, Deval Desai, Lee Godden, Julia Dehm, Hilary Charlesworth, Adam Sitze, Philipp Dann, Jochen von Bernstorff, Andrea Bianchi, Vasuki Nesiah, Antony Anghie, Moin Nizami, Christopher Gevers, Sara Dehm, Cait Storr and Richard Joyce for their repeated acts of guidance and unlimited reserves of patience. A very special thanks is also due to my good friends and fellow editors on this volume, Debolina Dutta and Oishik Sircar, for their camaraderie, brilliance and perseverance. Above all, the author remains eternally indebted to Upen for his endless provocative gifts. This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Vijay Nagaraj.

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