Topologies and Control Strategies Implicated in Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for Power Quality Improvement

  • Rakeshwri PalEmail author
  • Sushma Gupta
Review Paper


Controlled and improved power quality is one of the fundamental and essential needs in any industry driven by electric power for optimal exploitation of resources. However, in power quality, some crucial problems have been recognized as harmonic distortion, interruption, sag, swell and transient. Out of these, sag and swell are predominantly seen and cause stern impact on the electrical devices or machines and therefore require to be mitigated at an earliest to protect from any failure or mal-operation. As an ultimate key to crack these problems, some custom power devices such as distribution STATCOM (DSTATCOM), dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) and unified power quality conditioner are unanimously procured. A prominent custom power device DVR is apparently suggested in the literature for the mitigation of voltage sag and swells, with the benefit of active or/and reactive power control. The DVR is reported as being a high-performance solution to compensate voltage disturbances, since it provides both a cost-effective solution and very fast dynamics. In recent years, a bulk amount of the literature accounts for DVR on different configurations of its power circuit and various control techniques employed in it. This review article presents a detailed study on DVR with the different possible configurations of its power circuit and control techniques encircling major power quality issues. The informative object covered in the paper, articulate choice of control strategy and power circuit ensuring optimal recital of DVR in satisfying a required quality. This paper also furnishes the valued information for the investigator in this field.


Compensation technique Direct AC/AC converter DVR IDVR Power quality Solar PV-based DVR Transformer-less DVR 

List of Symbols


Active power filters

\( \angle V_{\text{inj}} = \theta_{\text{inj}} \)

Angle of injected DVR voltage


Angle of load power


Angle of VDVR


Angle of VTH

\( \beta \)

Angle of ZTH


Apparent power


Artificial neural network


Battery energy storage systems


Cascaded h-bridge


Constant of integral


Constant of proportionality


Load voltage magnitude


Distributed generation


Distribution static compensator


Dynamic voltage restorer


Fourier transform


Fuzzy logic


Incremental conductance


Interline dynamic voltage restorer


Load active power


Load current


Load reactive power


Low voltage


Maximum point tracking technique


Medium voltage


Multilevel inverter


Neutral point clamped


Phase-locked loop


Solar photovoltaic


Proportional integral


Root mean square


Solid-state transfer switches


Space vector pulse width modulation


Static electronic tap changers


Static VAR compensator


Superconducting magnetic energy systems


Switched mode power supply


System impedance


System voltage during fault condition


Thyristor-switched capacitors


Total harmonic distortion


Unified power quality conditioner


Uninterruptible power supply


Vector switching converter


Volt-ampere reactive

\( \left| {\begin{array}{*{20}c} {V_{\text{inj}} } \\ \end{array} } \right| \)

Voltage injected by DVR

\( \left| {\begin{array}{*{20}c} {V_{\text{pre - sag}} } \\ \end{array} } \right| \)

Voltage magnitude before sag

\( \left| {\begin{array}{*{20}c} {V_{\text{sag}} } \\ \end{array} } \right| \)

Voltage magnitude during sag


Voltage source converter


Voltage source inverter


Wavelet transform


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