Rotor Electrical Fault Detection of Wind Turbine Induction Generators Using an Unscented Kalman Filter

  • Zhale HashemiEmail author
  • Akbar Rahideh
Research Paper


This paper presents a fault detection method for induction generators using an unscented Kalman filter. In some applications such as wind turbine energy conversion systems, the induction generators experience oscillations caused by wind speed variation; therefore, the fault detection method should be able to detect fault in the presence of these oscillations. On the other hand, the induction generator may operate in islanded mode of operation, the situation that does not happen in motor application. In the present paper, the type of fault is the rotor electrical asymmetry and the proposed method is able to detect the fault in both grid-connected and islanded modes of operation. Several scenarios are simulated, and the efficacy of the proposed technique is evaluated by means of simulation results. Moreover, experiments are performed to validate the ability of the proposed method.


Induction generator Fault detection Kalman filter Grid-connected Islanded 


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